Why Good Gluten-Free Cookies are hard to find

Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookies make us happy

How many times have you tried a new gluten-free dessert only to be disappointed in the taste or texture?  Why is it so hard to find good gluten-free cookies?

There are a few reasons why good gluten-free cookies may be hard to find.

One reason is that gluten plays a key role in giving baked goods their structure and texture. When gluten is removed from a recipe, it can be difficult to get the texture of the baked goods to be the same as their gluten-containing counterparts. This can make it challenging to create gluten-free cookies that have the same soft, chewy, or crisp texture as traditional cookies.

Another reason is that gluten-free flours, such as almond flour or coconut flour, can behave differently than wheat flour in baking. They may absorb more liquid, for example, which can result in dry or crumbly cookies.

Finally, some people find that gluten-free baked goods lack the flavor and taste of traditional baked goods. This may be due to the fact that gluten-free flours have a different flavor than wheat flour, or it may be due to the fact that other ingredients must be used to compensate for the lack of gluten and these ingredients can affect the taste of the final product.

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