Home Dough is not your typical cookie dough. Unlike refrigerated, store-bought cookie dough full of preservatives, Home Dough is frozen and preservative-free. All our cookie dough is made using Non-GMO ingredients that are clean, simple and mostly organic.

Jami the Founder of Home Dough


I have been tinkering with my cookie dough recipes since I was in middle school and baked hundreds of cookies before I had my five children. Once my kids were older, cookies were in high demand for class parties, sports games, and a myriad of other activities and events. I learned that life was much easier if I made big batches of dough ahead of time and froze it so that I could pop a batch in the oven anytime they were needed.

I created Home Dough to make life easier for all those who want to bake the most delicious homemade cookies without having to make the dough from scratch. With Home Dough in your freezer, you can easily bake cookies last minute for that event you forgot about, that party you are hosting, or that family movie night on the couch.

- Jami (Mom)

Home Dough Reviews


Everything was good perfectly packaged. The cookies baked perfectly as per direction. The oatmeal toffee was spectacular.


I finally just enjoyed my first Home Dough cookie!!! It was BEYOND delish. WOW I could even taste what I think is real french vanilla in there!

Ryan B

We got the first delivery last week and made them and I have to tell you they are hands down the best cookies I have ever ordered online and certainly better than anything I can make!


I can’t stop eating Home Dough. Seriously. I tried the variety pack… 3 days later and all of the Oatmeal Toffee cookies are already gone!


The cookies were super easy to make and taste great. They come out thick and chewy with lots of gooey filling. Best of all they stay fresh and taste great for days after you bake them -- if they last that long!

Sarah H

I ordered the variety pack which arrived today, and I put a chocolate chip and oatmeal toffee in the oven to try, and they were so delicious I immediately baked (and ate, whoops) two more.


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