Mouthwatering, warm and gooey fresh-baked cookies are just minutes away with Home Dough.

Home Dough Cookie Dough packaging with a baked cookie with each bag

"These ready-to-bake cookie dough pucks taste like they’re from your local bakery — and they are good. They’re made without any preservatives, so you really get that home-made taste."

"And what can I say, besides our usual disclaimer that the opinions below are truly my own and aren't sponsored… but it might be the best cookie I've ever had. I'm dead serious here."

We Know Dough

Over fifty years, Mom has been perfecting her cookie recipes, baking thousands—literally thousands—of ooey-gooey cookies for her five children... and their friends... and their teammates... and their teachers...

Home Dough versus other cookie doughs
Ready to


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