National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

The Simple Joy of a Chocolate Chip Cookie

With National Chocolate Cookie Day around this time of year, it is a perfect opportunity to eat America’s favorite cookie. The chocolate chip cookie is a classic treat with years of history. Let's take a look at the history of the chocolate chip cookie and why these tasty treats are a staple in many American homes.

Where did the Chocolate Chip Cookie Come From?

The chocolate cookie that you know, and love became popular in the late 1930s. Two American chefs at the Toll House restaurant in Whitman, Massachusetts were the first to start serving this delicious dessert to hungry guests. After realizing how popular the chocolate chip cookie was, the Tollhouse restaurant included it in their cookbook which was widely distributed throughout the country.

The widespread popularity of the cookie did not take hold until after World War II. While stationed across seas, many soldiers from Massachusetts would receive home-baked chocolate chip cookies from the care packages they received from their families. They began sharing these cookies with other soldiers from around the nation. Upon returning home, these soldiers wanted to be able to make these cookies for themselves. The recipe spread and after a few years the chocolate chip cookie was an American favorite. The Nestle Chocolate Company even bought the original recipe from Toll House in exchange for a lifetime supply of Nestle chocolate.

Finding the Right Chocolate Chip Cookie

Much has changed since that original recipe as cooks from around the country began experimenting with their cookies to change the consistency, size, and taste. In today’s digital world everyone has access to thousands of chocolate chip cookie recipes on the internet and hundreds of cookie brands they can order from. So, how do you find the perfect cookie?

The perfect cookie starts with the perfect cookie dough.  Mom’s chocolate chip cookie dough is made using clean, organic, non-GMO ingredients, just how you would make them if you were going to make them from scratch.  She also uses semi-sweet fair-trade chocolate from Guittard – gourmet and delicious! 

What makes Home Dough even more perfect?  Frozen Dough.  Freezing your dough can have huge benefits if you want a cookie with fuller and richer flavor. In addition to a better taste, freezing your dough allows you to prepare the dough ahead of time and have cookies whenever you want them.

If you’re looking for a perfect cookie and love convenience, look no further than Home Dough.  This National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, or really any day, treat yourself to a Home Dough cookie.

The Simple Joy of Baking and Eating a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Whichever recipe you choose to follow, there is nothing better than fresh baked cookies. If you never have the time to bake, pre-making and freezing your dough can save you time. A hot plate of cookies is a great reward for an afternoon of baking. During this National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day, try your hand at making America’s favorite cookie.