Meet Mom

Meet Mom

This International Women’s Day, we are introducing you to our founder, Jami!✨

Jami, AKA Mom, shares some of her upbringing, her love of baking, why she started Home Dough, and words of wisdom.


I grew up in a traditional family, number 4 of 5 children, with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Family meals were a given as was pursuing an education. From my perspective as the youngest sister, girls were treated equally and we were all encouraged to have a reliable profession.


One of my favorite hobbies at an early age was creating food in the kitchen and making cookies quickly became the most enjoyable part of that hobby. I often compared recipes in the cookbooks at the library and book shops and I asked my mom's friends for their cookie recipes.

By the time I had my 5 children, I had baked hundreds of cookies. As my kids got older, I learned that life was much easier if I made big batches of dough ahead of time and froze it so that I could pop a batch in the oven anytime cookies were needed.


I pursued other professional roles in my adult life besides culinary but always felt connected to my baking passion. I started Home Dough to bring a great tasting frozen cookie dough to market that had the same clean ingredients I would want to serve my family and that offered easy access to anyone who wants a freshly baked cookies at a moments notice.


"Every women is endowed with valuable gifts to offer her world; Seek excellence and leave perfection behind."