Frozen Dough Bakes the Best Cookies

Frozen Dough Bakes the Best Cookies

Cookie dough recipes and techniques vary greatly between individuals and families. However, science says that not every technique is created equal. Here are some important reasons why you should consider freezing your cookie dough before you bake it according to science.

Firm Butter is Happy Butter

A cookie that has been frozen before baking often has a more complex flavor. It usually reaches a much more inviting color and texture too. Science says that this is mostly due to the temperature of the butter at the beginning of the baking process. Freezing cookie dough gives the butter in the dough the chance to become firmer. Colder butter disperses through the cookie more slowly causing a more structured and complex cookie. Cold butter also causes the cookie to spread less creating a final product that is softer and meltier.

More Time to Bring it All Together

A great cookie recipe takes many simple ingredients and creates a harmony of complex flavors that are comforting and delicious. Freezing your cookie dough before it is time to bake gives all of the ingredients more time to fully incorporate giving you more consistent batches of cookies.

Freezing cookie dough gives the flour time to become fully saturated with the other ingredients. This will result in a fluffier cookie that is sure to be delicious. Dough that isn’t frozen can contain dry pockets where the flour has not mixed completely with the other ingredients. This can cause your batches to be inconsistent or your cookies to come out flat, brittle, and overcooked.

Cookies that are baked directly after they are mixed can come out flavorless and bland because the ingredients have not had the chance to fully incorporate. Freezing your dough changes the physical state of the dough contracting it closer together as it gets closer. The action of freezing cookie dough can help mix the ingredients on the molecular level which results in a more complex and delicious cookie where every ingredient plays a role.

Cookies Whenever you Want Them

Frozen cookie dough is not only great for its complex flavors and even baking. It is also great for ensuring that you are only a few minutes away from enjoying a delicious cookie. Frozen cookie dough can be stored for years and only takes a few minutes to transform into a freshly baked plate of cookies. Having frozen cookie dough on hand is great for all occasions and there is nothing better than treating surprise guests to delicious warm gooey cookies.

Frozen Cookies Can’t Be Beat

Frozen cookie dough is the best way to get a complex and flavorful cookie every time, whenever you have the craving. Frozen cookies produce cookies that are soft but structured and full of flavor. If you are in the mood for the perfect gooey warm cookie, you need to make sure you always have frozen cookie dough on hand.